Alison Deas

From an early age I can remember my mom taking me to an art class at the MOMA, where I glued blocks to paper and painted them...
I enjoyed that day, the train ride from Queens, the underground tunnels passing stops then coming to the 5th Avenue train stop…..Aah! The smell of the city!
Fast schooling, High School of Music and Art (1977-80) major Art and Architecture…Pratt Institute(1980-85)…majored and graduated B.A. Architecture…
Attending various art classes throughout the city including Dieu Donne, paper making, bringing me to this chapter in my life… art……the combination of architecture, buildings, structure, doors, design, paper, collage, history and politics…..forming reflective pieces of work that evoke the senses.

The Brownstone Zone awakens history past and present.

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Built on Krop